Jana & Eric

This story starts like a gazillion years ago…

I was visiting family in Minnesota in America and met one of the craziest and awesome persons in the world!  Meet my friend Jana, or Y-ah-n-ah as she would like you to pronounce it.  But just so you know, I prefer ‘Jelly’.  Jana came and lived in Australia for a number of months and I visited her a few times too and then commenced fantastic van road trips, visits to the Mall of America, snowboarding, camping, lots of laughing and meeting tonnes of new people.  I have so many amazing memories of those years, and seeing these photos now are bringing back many memories and making me feel very sentimental!

Over a year ago now, I visited Jana in LA and we did a photoshoot of her and her fiancé Eric.  Jana & Eric are an old married couple now and living happily ever after.  I can’t wait to come and visit you again soon Jelly, and do another photoshoot of course :) x