Chris & Rowy

I have a ‘to be blogged’ folder on my computer that is overflowing (if it is possible to have an overflowing folder on your computer lol) and I was thinking, what a great way to start, by sharing these photos from Chris & Rowy’s pre-wedding shoot.  And besides, come tomorrow afternoon, they will be Mr & Mrs :).

When you drive to the Sunshine coast, along the highway, there are all these beautiful big pine trees.  Every time I drove past, I used to look at them longingly and imagine doing a photo shoot there but never got around to doing it.  Then when Rowy mentioned them for a their engagement shoot (Rowy is a fellow photographer too!), I could think of no photo shoot more fitting, thanks Rowy for finally making this dream location a possibility :p.

As you can see from the photos they are a pretty fun pair!  Not many people would be willing to play in a very muddy puddle for photos :).  Thanks Chris and Rowy for such a fun fun photo shoot.  I can’t wait for your wedding tomorrow!

Leah xo


  • Cindy Habel said:

    Gorgeous Leah. I especially love the puddle original and natural!

  • Melanie Stevens said:

    All amazing!!

  • Emma Goos said:

    Absolutley adorable!! Such a beautiful couple it was like looking at a fairytale couple from a magazine.
    Best wishes for tomorrow Chris & Rowena xx

  • Celinda Hills said:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! These photos are beautiful Leah! I can't wait til you blog the wedding photos for us to see! :-)
    Cheers, Celinda.