Country Wedding PhotographyMy absolute favourite...

I am a girl photographer with a huge crush on farm style, country wedding photography.  Actually, it would be fair to say that I am obsessed!  And why not, when there is absolutely everything to love about the country…


Well first of all let’s face it, those farmers are chill and they know how to have a good time!  Country weddings are full of perfectly calm imperfections, rustic goodness, great music and lots of romance.  I absolutely love the warm colours like that late afternoon sunlight with no cityscapes to block it, and long yellow grass that lights up at the right time of day.  The country landscapes are amazing, uninterrupted (other than maybe the odd cow, or fifty) and to me, that just goes perfectly with the whole romantic feeling I love to see in my photos.  To put it plainly, everything about country weddings fire up my creative juices…amen.


Well because Leah would love you of course!  If you are after a wedding photographer who is calm, with a hint of shy-ness, can sometimes be a bit of a granny, and absolutely loves country weddings, then I am definitely your girl.  There is also no distance that I wouldn’t travel to photograph a beautiful country wedding – so don’t hesitate to ask me to come and join you in your beloved country space.

If you would like to see a country wedding example, here is a link to one of the most amazingly fun weddings that I have photographed in my career…and it was in a country pub!  I photographed this wedding so many years ago now, but it will always have a special place: Brodie & Lacie’s Nindigully Pub Wedding

Thanks for taking the time to listen, I literally cannot wait to hear from you!

With Love, Leah x